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they / them / theirs

actor, singer, voiceover artist.

"Your life's work begins when your great joy meets the world's great hunger."

- Kate Bornstein

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All About Evie:

In three words, Evie is a scrappy little storyteller.


They hail from South Florida and Chengdu, China. They are a graduate of three arts magnet schools and they really love their Mom.  

They are a Leo (fancy and fun), and as of 2020 they hold a BFA in Musical Theatre from Boston Conservatory at Berklee, with an emphasis in Devising and Solo Performance. Evie is permanently fascinated with the art of transformation. During their time in college, they wore numerous hats--student, designer, rabbit trainer for the stage, director of a (legendary) sapphic horror production of High School Musical to benefit BCEFA... but Evie's most treasured memories were of the times they've been lucky enough to represent people like themself onstage. 

Their Big Goal is to aid in the ultimate restructuring of theatre practices that align with diversity and inclusion. Whether in acting, playwriting, or directing, Evie is an advocate for change. 

They hope to workshop their first play in 2023--but right now, they are joyfully

residing in Manhattan, where they eat a lot of dollar pizza, and sing a lot of songs.

Evie is a proud member of Ring of Keys, and they're currently represented in

theatre, film, and voiceover by The Price Group talent agency here in New York. 

You can find them on Instagram @evieschu, and in real life, having a mimosa

at the American Girl Cafe. 

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